Vaccinations are an important part of keeping your child health and the timing is critical. The American Academy of Pediatrics immunization schedule is designed so that kids and infants are protected from dangerous illnesses like measles, mumps, polio, and various forms of hepatitis at the earliest age that is healthy for them.

Each year, the immunization schedules are evaluated by top experts and pediatric specialists throughout the country, using the most up-to-date knowledge and research to make any possible improvements. For this reason, it’s important that parents speak with their board-certified pediatrician to find out the current recommendations and to schedule their child’s immunizations.

At each well-child visit, we at Atlanta Pediatric Partners, will discuss any upcoming vaccines your child will need as well as any vaccines that are already due for your child. We’re happy to offer yearly flu vaccines as well to kids starting at six months of age while supplies last.

To discuss the immunizations your child needs, schedule an appointment at Atlanta Pediatric Partners.

Vaccine Policy

We firmly believe in the safety and effectiveness of vaccines to prevent serious illness and to save lives.

We highly recommend that all children and young adults should receive all the recommended vaccines according to the schedule published by the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Your child will require certain immunizations for protection against childhood diseases. Atlanta Pediatric Partners is committed to immunizing all children with vaccines required by the state of Georgia, if your child has no medical contraindications. We require adherence to our recommended schedule of immunizations, which are subject to change as new vaccines are developed.

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